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Johnson & Associates is a distinguished family-owned real estate consultancy renowned for its unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. They have a passion for real estate and enjoy educating, guiding and inspiring others. One way they do this is by helping people buy, sell and build wealth through real estate.  "It is exciting that not only can wealth be created but roots can be planted all through property ownership. Owning a home can be a milestone, the first step for many, and it can also be a frequent part of a well-rounded financial portfolio."  

Johnson & Associates is uniquely well suited to help their clients achieve their ultimate goals. With over 15 years of working extensively with escrow companies, appraisers, and other real estate experts, their knowledge of the full spectrum of real estate ranges from property investments, probates, and facilitating short sale and bank owned transactions. Their consultative approach empowers individuals and families to make informed decisions, crafting strategic plans tailored to their unique objectives.  Driven by a profound mission, they seek to glorify God through their work by enhancing the lives of those they serve.  By offering comprehensive real estate solutions and expert estate planning guidance, they strive to make a meaningful difference in the lives of their clients.

Your success is their number one priority!

I’m a Realtor® with a passion for finding new Henderson and Vegas places to explore.


Nicole Johnson - Licensed in CA and NV

Hi, I'm Nicole! I love serving the Henderson and surrounding communities, and looking forward to helping you with your buying and selling goals.  When I'm not marketing, writing, and selling real estate, I enjoy spending time bowling, dining, exploring walking trails and spending time with my husband Gerald, and our children.

Contact me with your real estate questions at 702.582.7805. See you around town!

I'm an Entrepreneur with a passion for building a legacy for my family in the great city of Henderson!


Gerald Johnson

Hi, I'm Gerald! I'm an entrepreneur at heart. I am an experienced real estate investor and stock trader.  I look forward to helping create opportunities for you to connect with this beautiful city.  When I'm not hard at work, I enjoy spending my time bowling, grilling and enjoying a good comedy show. I currently live in Henderson with my wife, Nicole and our children.

 We're passionate about serving the Henderson & Vegas communities, and look forward to connecting with you!


I love our client family! They give the best feedback and we are so blessed to be their agent for LIFE.

"Nicole, was fantastic. She always responded quickly to my questions and phone calls.  

She was professional and patient with me. I will highly recommend Nicole for future recommendations."

~ Corina O.

"I have been working with Nicole for almost 6 years and she has made my extremely opposite buying and selling processes (standard and short sale) feel easy even when it was very complex! Most recently Nicole helped us purchase a short sale home that was not yet approved by the bank. She was there answering our many questions, providing updates, constantly calling the loan officer and escrow for us, set up every type of oversight inspection needed for buying a short sale, and she played a key role in us being able to renovate and move in within just 3 weeks of purchase. If you want a very experienced, fully invested, caring, supportive, consistent real estate agent, go with Nicole!"

~ Ian & Kristi E.

"Great team, answer all my question, friendly staff, walked me through my purchase possess, helpful, patient, all to trouble shoot, all over great time."

~ Sam S.

"We met Nicole online almost two years ago. Back then, my wife Arneita and I were considering relocating from Maryland to Henderson, Nevada as part of a 'change of life. strategy...then came COVID.

Like most, we put our plans on hold and stayed home for a year. During that time, Nicole went out her way to stay in touch. By this time, we had met Nicole once in person during a quick 'site seeing survey' to NV, one week before the pandemic hit in February 2020. Despite that pause, Nicole continued to send us market updates and other useful information that helped build our knowledge of Henderson and the surrounding area. Nicole is like that...engaging, helpful and personable without getting in the way of what you're looking for.  As soon a we were vaccinated in March of 2021, Arnetia and I put our plan back in motion. Now, it was a sellers market, so we began the process of putting our Maryland home on the market ASAP before finding someplace to live in Nevada. This only gave us two weeks to find a home in Henderson. We looked everywhere in that city, even considering returning to apartment living. In the end (...and with only a few days to go) it was Nicole who found us a lovely home lease in Sun City Anthem community. ..thanks Nicole!

The original plan was to buy a home soon after the sale of our home closed in Maryland, but the seller's market changed that. We're now waiting a few months until the market re-adjusts before we buy and when it does, we know Nicole will be there to help us find exactly what we're looking for and we're sure she'll do the same for you."

~ Elliott & Arnetia Francis

"Nicole helped my family and I find the perfect home. She is a great person to work with."

~Michael Flannigan